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i feel like nicki minaj has seizures when she’s recording her songs but her producers force her to keep going 


Encountered a bully on tumblr


So I told her, “…No one needs your attacks and sarcasm. Stuff like that is what makes teens in society feel like suicide is an option. You are an actual bully Kat.”

she said no one cares

I asked, “So if I commit suicide you wouldn’t care?”

She practically said she wouldn’t care if I killed myself tonight

Now what if I was really going through something and she was the last person I spoke to. 

People like her make me sick to my stomach.

You are a bully Kat who would be okay at gaining a tumblr note for the expense of a person’s suicide.

People always be nice and stop the bullying, you never know what a person is going through.

(Source: videohall)

Tommy is making a salient point about something.

Tommy is making a salient point about something.